"Bernadette Niblo "B" makes it possible for me to continually amaze my coworkers and friends. I am a firefighter and paramedic, which places huge physical demands on my body. In addition, I have had two very invasive surgeries during the last year. The first surgery was a removal of my fourth lumbar vertebrae and subsequent fusion of three vertebrae. The second surgery was the removal of 25% of my liver, 5 feet of small intestine, gall bladder and appendix. I have amazed the people around me by my quick recoveries from both procedures. I believe that seeing B on a regular basis has been a huge part of my recovery process. I give her credit for me being able to work the physical job that I do, after surgeries that may have ended many people's career in this field. Thanks B!"   - Jarrod

"Bernadette is one of those rare body therapists who seems to know how to communicate with her clients' bodies in a profoundly healing way. She has worked with me by using an also rare healing practice called lymph drainage that supports the body in releasing sluggish or stagnant lymph fluids. Six years ago, I pulled and tore muscles in my shoulder and was out of commission for over a month, and though I regained use of my arm, it was always in some degree of pain. I sought many modalities of treatment with limited success. Bernadette began working with me over a year ago, addressing, not just my shoulder, but also many other areas of stagnant lymph...which is strongly related to limiting motion due to pain. It is likely that it is also related to various illnesses and diseases since the lymph carries multitudes of toxins from the body, but when overloaded the flow decreases or stands still like a full and overflowing septic tank. Bernadette did a lymph release procedure inside my shoulder joint, accessed deep inside my arm pit. For the first time in six years, my shoulder can now move without pain, and when I wake, it is pain free. She is a miracle worker. Thank you, Bernadette!" - Sandy

"I've been a client of Bernadette's for the past six months and friend for even longer.  As my massage therapist, she's provided excellent therapeutic services for my neck issues specifically and body as whole in general.  I know that when I get up from her massage table, I'll feel relaxed and energized.  I always look forward to my next visit and would recommend her to anyone seeking massage services.  On the plus side, she's an awesome person!" - Tom